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Getting to know me:

  Hi my name is Jennifer Kateri  and I am the wife of Joshua and Mother of 2 wonderful girls Leilani Eve (age 3) and Lyra Emily (15 months). I am a Birth Doula in the city of Chicago, IL.

   I believe that the birthing experience is one of the most "natural" parts of life and should be treated as such, In my opinion it seems that while in labor at a hospital I sometimes felt as If I was being treated like someone in the er, like someone with a bad cut or sickness that needed to be treated, instead of people stepping back and lettng nature take its course in a safe way, I think its easy to sometimes feel a bit rushed and a bit of anxiety that everyone is just kind of waiting for you to hurry up and finish and that they are doing everything possible to get you to do so,This feeling is known to have caused women to panic and induse the flight or fight response, tensing up making birth alot longer and more painful then it actually has to be. This is how my first birth was, and since then I have had a desire to help women take back their births and help them in every way possible to achieve that wonderful birth they have been dreaming of.....

Women have been coming together and helping each other during labor in cultures around the world for years! I believe that every women should have a labor companion that they know is there Just for them and to help them in every way, and even when the baby is born and everyone rushes to the baby the doula will still be there by their side taking care of them... Unlike most hospital staff, A doula almost NEVER leaves your side... this is who I want to be, the doula at your side....


My Personal Birth Experiences

  Please keep in mind that not EVERYONE's births are like these but I have heard alot of similar stories. 


The Birth of Leilani 

  In December 2006, I found out I was pregnant and all I could think about was learning more about pregnancy, birth, and gentle birth choices. I wanted a all natural, empowering birth with a midwife and preferably in water and with a doula. I did find midwives and they were covered by public aid, so I was Super happy, I thought I was on the right track to having the birth I wanted so bad... But they said I would not be able to be in a tub, I could just stand in the shower up until the birth. And I also was not able to find a doula for under $800 dollars and I thought being a first time new TEEN mom at ag 19 and working a minimum wage job there was no way I could afford it and thought I would just have to make do with a midwife, my husband, and my mom. I was planning on having my birth in the abc room (alternative birthing center) in the hospital but when my GBS test came up positive (which means I had Bacteria in my urine) They told me I would have to be on routine antibiotics throughout the entire labor, Which also meant they wanted to keep me on constant fetal monitor. When I went into the hospital to get a NST (no stress test) 5 days after my due date the hospital staff stated that they wanted to induce me and start labor then and there while there was still enough water around the baby. I decided against inducing then and there because I wanted to go get some comfort items and my bag I had packed at the house but I did come right back the same night to be induced. I came in and they put me on synthetic oxytocin (potossin) and the antibiotics and put me in a all white room where everything was very "sterile" looking and people would just knock and walk in every so often talking very loudly and it was all very intimidating and not what I envisioned. I felt like nothing I was saying was being heard, I was being treated as if I was a sick person they were trying to save from dying not a women doing something that is a "natural" part of life, giving birth... I asked them to lower the dose of potossin after a while because It was forcing my contractions to be so close together and strong that I couldn't even catch my breath in between them, and at first they kept saying no but finally they lowered it but just a little bit. Because of these forced contractions the pain was so strong that I just TENSED up which I now know was my "fight or flight" response. I was in labor determined not to take ANY pain killers for 2 days and finally realized at 8 cm dilated now with NO sleep in 3 days that I was just to tense and decided to accept pain relief, I still did not want to take an epidural so I first accepted a narcotic which was suppose to "take the edge off" and I was able to rest my eyes for a bit but still ended up needing an epidural anyways... I had a midwife whom I shared with other women who were in labor in the hospital, and shift change occured 3 times during my labor and everytime a new midwife came it took a while to establish a connection with them all over again. The first 2 were great but about 20 min before I pushed my baby out shift change occured again, and this midwife checked my water bag and said she wanted to pop the bag, I told her that the previous midwife already had popped the bag and even said that it was popped for sure because she could feel the babies hair. But like I said I was being treated like a sick crazy person and she did not listen to me and said "No I think there is still a thin layer of bag over babies head" and attempted to snag the bag with the hook they use and later said she realized " It was popped my babies hair was just really smooth" We had also been taking pictures up until this shift change and this perticular midwife claimed she did not allow video or cameras while she worked, even though EVERYONE else the entire 2 days of labor beforehand had said it was ok. so we had to shut down the cameras, and my baby was born with bleeding scratches all on the top of her head because of the hook the midwife had used trying to "pop" the already popped bag of waters earlier. I cannot explain how DISAPPOINTED I was when we had to turn off the camera's right before the big moment we all had been waiting for, the tension in the air, and how distraught we all were to see my babies scratched up head before she was even born...AND THIS WAS IN A HOSPITAL a "SAFE place"?? This was NOT the birth that I had wished for.......

   So many things that went wrong in my labor all could have been avoided if I had just had a doula... A doula could have known my wishes and expressed them to the hospital staff for me and might have been more respected in a hospital setting, A doula could have catered to just MY needs the entire birth instead of me waiting for the midwife herself to finish making all her rounds. A doula could have told me what to expect and what was going on when I was in pain and helped me breath and comforted and assured me so that I would not have resulted in using pain medications... AND a doula could have helped my baby have a better birth instead of being born into a world with Bright lights and nurse staff speaking very loudly and scaring my poor little girl... 

  The benefits of having a doula are ENDLESS and a birth experience like this one is what I want to help women avoid.

 The Birth of Lyra

  My second daughter was born in a ABC room but at another hospital that I had found who would allow me to give birth in a tub of water with a midwife. This time I had studied alot about herbs and natural ways to improve my pregnancy and my GBS test came back negative, but at this practice they would have let me birth in the tub of water even if I had a positive GBS test. I still was not able to find a doula but I read all that I could about gentle birth and this time I was PREPARED I had written out a birth plan, stating some of my wishes such as dim lights, no loud sounds, no one was to offer me any drugs, and no episiotomy was to be done, etc... The room was much less intimidating with a bed, a tv, a radio/cd player, a microwave, and beautiful paintings on the wall, and a tub. Here was more like my own home and I was able to let loose alot more and let my body do its job and let the labor run its course. I trusted my body, and felt comforted knowing that EVERYONE knew my wishes. This labor was just a little over 10 hours, and only 4 of those hours were spent at the hospital, and I had successfully accomplished my goal of having my baby under water and without ANY painkillers.I even had my 2 year old daughter in the room during my labor and in the tub with me right after the birth to see her baby sister!! My baby came out and was immediately placed on my chest, and the imbilical cord was not cut until it stoped pulsating which helped us bond and helps the baby breath while fluids are being removed from lungs. She was very calm and happy to be in her mommies arms and barely even cried! ;-) But still during and afterwards I knew I would have benefited more having a doula by my side. During the transition period of the birth, right before I started pushing, ALL I wanted to hear was " its almost over, you are almost done, in a few min the the pain will be gone" and no one knew to say that. A doula would have known to say something like that... ;-)