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Quotes Jen was amazing at my birth,This is the hardest thing I have ever done and Jen made it possible for me to achieve my natural birth. Jen spent 12 HOURS massaging my back (which felt great!) Practically non-stop, to ease the pain of my intense contractions. She even brought along some natural herb tinctures to ease the pain! She was so focused on making me feel better, She didn't even stop to have a drink of water or eat. After 8 hours of hard labor, I just about gave up and started asking for the epidural, but pulled through with her encouragment and again, Non-Stop back massages!! EVERYONE attempting a natural birth should consider a Doula! I expected the process of labor to long and hard, but not that intense. I am so thankful I had Jen with me throughout the entire process.. Quotes
Viktoriya M, DC, P.A.K.
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Quotes I am so incredibly grateful that Jennifer was there with me through the birth of my first little angel Jenayah Vida. I truly had no idea what to expect, I just had a vision of how I wanted her birth to unfold. I had my heart set on a natural water birth with no drugs or interventions. I fully committed to that and was determined to make it happen. After three days of my water leaking I had to be induced with pitosin. I was so devastated because I would not be able to have the beautiful water birth I hoped for if I was connected to all these machines. And pitosin causes such terrible contractions, I didnt know if I would have been able to get through it all naturally. With Jennifer there by my side, she said...we are gonna do this, you're going to make it into that water, you're getting off of this pitosin. And I believed her. She coached me through each contraction as I was in excruciating active labor on the pitosin. I had no idea how to make my body pick up on the artificial... Quotes
Induced labor...still had natural water birth

Quotes contractions. Jennifer guided me and my fiance every step of the way. I truly think I would not have achieved my natural labor without Jennifer. She pushed me to do squats, and sways in a squating position in between contractions to lower the baby into the birth canal. At the peak of my pain, dialating from 5-9 cm, she pulled a scarf back and forth for hours with immense pressure to relieve my back labor. The nurses saw the progress of my own contractions and slowly began to lower the pitosin until I was completely off of it. Everyone was so amazed. Jennifer encouraged me. I felt empowered. She instilled belief in me that I could conquer an impossible task, and I could reach my dream birth. Finally I made it to the water and it felt like heaven. Jenayah's beautiful birth unfolded just as I had hoped. I am so thankful that Jennifer recorded these miraculous moments with the photos she took. Now I can re-live my incredible experience. Thank you so much Jennifer. We love you! Quotes
Induced labor...still had natural water birth

Quotes Jennifer assisted me with my first birth, which was a home water birth. She offered suggestions to help deal with the contractions and was very encouraging through the labor with counting down through contractions so I could feel the end was coming as well as telling me how great I was doing through the process. Jenn also guided my husband in ways that he could help me through the labor and to help him realize that everything was normal and going great - since we were having a completely natural, drug-free home birth, her encouragement helped relax my husband, which helped relax me! Jenn also helped us get nursing established, and that's going great. I would highly recommend Jenn to any friends having a home or hospital birth! Quotes
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Quotes Jennifer was great in the delivery room. At one point I did ask for the epidural (just because I am stubborn) and she helped me get through the pain so I didn't need the epidural. She was also there to remind the nurses and doctors that my husband wanted to cut the cord (they almost cut it but Jennifer stopped them). I definitely would recommend her to any other friends having children. Quotes
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